POV BJs Are The Rule In Desperate Pleasures’ ‘Taboo Teens 2018’


POV BJs Are The Rule In Desperate Pleasures' ‘Taboo Teens 2018’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Desperate Pleasures has collected a showcase of six of the best from its teen-based fauxcest Web shoots of the past year, including that of precocious brunette ingenue and box cover model Shae Celestine, and it can all be found in the new release Taboo Teens 2018.

“Desperate Pleasures’ fauxcest releases are increasingly popular with fans of the genre, and some of the scenarios really push the envelope,” noted Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “For taboo relations fans, this POV BJ release will allow the fan to be in the driver’s seat with these pretty girls, and will perfectly suit their needs.”

In Taboo Teens 2018, Anastasia Knight approaches her 18th birthday with all sorts of fantasies, and finds that they go past just lusting after older men; it also includes her own daddy. Alexis Avery makes extra money for school by meeting up with guys on the internet, but finds out one of those guys is her very own daddy. Finally, Callie Klein appeases her brother sexually when he discovers her porn stash, and it leads to increasing fantasies about her other family members, including daddy. Shae Celestine, Anastasia Rose, and Avery Tyler round out this “Best Of” compilation of Web scenes never before on DVD.

To view the box cover, cast list, and synopsis for Taboo Teens 2018, click here.

Retailers interested in stocking Taboo Teens 2018 may contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and/or call 818-435-1615, or contact an IVD Sales Representative.

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