Fresh Faces: Taylor Pierce


Fresh Faces: Taylor Pierce

Taylor Pierce was drawn into performing by friends who were active performers: ‘I’ve always been really open, and they said, ‘You’d be really good for this.’ They talked about how much fun it was, how they had the money and it was good. They didn’t have to do much convincing.”

She left her “crappy job” at a Florida convenience store. and moved to a cam/model house in Fort Lauderdale. “One day I’m working at Circle K, hating my life, and then three days later I was in Fort Lauderdale, sucking dick. For money.”

She shot for Reality Kings (“That was fun. I had a really good time working for them. I did a scene with a guy where I was a dancer girl holding a boom box.”) and recently moved to L.A. Her favorite scene since arriving in Southern California was for “I love them. I’m really sloppy and dirty, and it was sloppy and dirty, so I liked it.”

Since starting her performing career at 26, Pierce says, “Honestly, my only regret is not starting sooner. When I was, like, 16, I was, like, super slut. No one knew. I kept it very confined. My parents had no clue. Now, I can be myself the most [as a performer]. It’s very open. I don’t have to worry about someone judging me, or what I do. If I want to be naked, I can be naked.”

Pierce says dream scene involves “Lots of oil and big dicks.” She illuminates: “I have an oil fetish. I love the way baby oil looks. Lots of oil, lots of dicks. At least five. I haven’t done a d.p. yet, that’s on the bucket list.”

Pierce practices yoga (“I love yoga. I like stretching and deep breathing. Deep breathing helps me a lot. Stills my mind.”) and her word to live by is singular. “Balance,” Pierce explains. “You can do anything with balance. If you have too much or too little of anything, it can be a bad thing. But if you balance it out—whatever it is—your life should always be good.

“I’m having so much fun so far. I love it. I appreciate it all. I don’t expect too much or expect too little. I’m grateful for it all to just happen, no matter how it happens.”

Book Taylor Pierce through 101 Modeling. Follow her on Twitter: @taylorr_pierce.

Photo by Keith Munyan. Taylor Pierce was featured in the December 2018 issue of AVN magazine. See the digital edition here.

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