A Peek Inside the Lair Fetish Party


A Peek Inside the Lair Fetish Party

LAS VEGAS—Among the attractions and distractions that could be found at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), one event appealed to a very particular demographic. On Jan. 25, the doors opened onto the Lair Fetish Party, drawing kinksters and kink-friendly folks to the darkened Festival Hall at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. The late-night party was electric, with a hot DJ providing scene-friendly background music and entertainment that had attendees panting for more. (Click here to see photos from the show. Pictured above: Masuimi Max.)

Mistress Cyan, the hostess who presents the Lair Party as well as the Lair vending experience held in the loft area of The Joint during AEE, was extremely pleased with the number of attendees. “This was the second year we were free and open to the public and it wasn’t just the AEE crowd. There were people from all around Vegas who came to see and experience what BDSM is all about,” she shared. “We offered 100 gift bags donated by the Stockroom and they were gone within minutes. The room filled quickly and many people stayed for the entire event!”

The evening started with a fetish fashion show, presented by Las Vegas’ own Black Room Latex, who also had a booth at the upstairs Lair vending area. The show featured their fetish wear made of Daytex, which is a latex that is meant to be worn all day long.

Performances were selectively demonstrated on the elevated stage and meant to expose novice and “vanilla” attendees to the pleasures of pain and BDSM. They included Masuimi Max performing a sword dance, Jasmine double teaming two submissives during a flogging scene and Goddess Phoenix pleasuring Switch Kim with a single tail whipping on the St. Andrews Cross, all the while she was twitching in pleasure by the sting of the whip.

The crowd was stunned by the professionalism and ease the performers shared with their eager audience. Audience members were not only treated to these stellar shows but also were able to personally experience various BDSM techniques within the Lair party space.

“When the vanilla crowd realizes it’s not scary to do this, they enthusiastically jump right in,” shared Mistress Cyan. “We had stations and supplied the furniture where they could be flogged and spanked, and of course, we kept everything safe and legal, using consent forms prior to experiencing their wildest dreams.”

Many other attendees shared how much they, too, enjoyed the evening. Jesse, a longtime Las Vegas resident, noticed how many locals were at the show. “It’s been a nice crowd with appropriate levels of BDSM being demonstrated in the space. And I particularly enjoyed the shows!”

Jules, from France via Melbourne, was enthralled by the skill the presenters showed on stage. “Everything was carefully mastered and it looked like a ballet. It was all well performed and they made everything look so easy.”

Even the first time, vanilla attendees expressed how much they enjoyed the event. Added Anna from Portland, Oregon, “I was surprised at the level of performances and the ease of watching them. I thought I would be a little nervous doing that but this event was so comfortable, I’m probably going to try a few of the things I saw here!”

The Lair party lasted well into the evening and left the party-goers happy and maybe a little kinkier, too. “This keeps getting bigger and better every year,” Mistress Cyan stated. “I know that next year’s event will even surpass this one! I’m looking forward to it already.”

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