Dorcel Girl Clea Gaultier Talks ‘Sex Games’


Dorcel Girl Clea Gaultier Talks 'Sex Games'

A version of this feature appeared in the February edition of AVN magazine. Click here for the full digital issue.

LOS ANGELES—Clea Gaultier tells AVN her “specialty” is having sex in locations other than the bedroom.

“I love to fuck in a funny place—or outside,” Gaultier jokes. “I discover a lot of thing with porn because I wasn’t shy—I didn’t try anal or girls or anything crazy like that, never. Just with porn.”

It’s safe to say the stunning French model from Lyon—who is the brand ambassador for iconic Paris-based studio Marc Dorcel—gets naked in funny places all the time now that she’s a full-time contract star.

“I’m very proud,” Gaultier tells AVN. “It’s like a dream because when I begin in the porn—for me Dorcel was the best in Europe. I would like to work a lot for Dorcel. It was my goal. So I begin with Dorcel. It was very good.

“During a few months I didn’t work with them because I would like to take more experience with a lot of companies and after they contact me. And there was a feeling about maybe they will ask me if I would like to be the muse. And I had like six months to think about it and I say yes.

“So I am very proud, very happy because I think in France there wasn’t Dorcel Girls since like five years, something like that. So I’m very proud that the guys would like to ask me to be the muse. It’s a pleasure.”

The former ballet dancer turned Dorcel Icon won the first AVN Award of her career on January 26, taking home the trophy for Best Foreign-Shot Anal Sex Scene for her performance with Charli Dean and Kristof Cale in The Prisoner for Marc Dorcel, whose movies have been distributed by Wicked in the U.S. for more than 20 years.

“I want to keep going for Dorcel,” says the Barcelona resident Gaultier, who most recently starred in Sex Games opposite Mia Malkova. “I want to travel a lot. I want to have fun and have a lot of sex.”

In Sex Games, Gaultier plays Mia Malkova’s character’s best friend.

“I love to go in the club, drink. I love guys. I love to fuck a lot. She’s very quiet; she’s very discreet and she has a boyfriend,” Gaultier explains. “She’s very nervous about the fact he wants to fuck other girls. She wants to have more experience and me, I know a very good sex expert—a surrogate—to help her to be more confident and to try a new experience; and at the end of the movie she’s very confident. She love her boyfriend very much. The sex is very good.”

Gaultier continues, “Together we experience a lot of swinger. We have a lot of girls. I love the story. I think people like the style because it’s very classy. For this movie Mia Malkova and the actors were in Venice in Italia to play the scene…very classy, elegant and very good to represent the brand Dorcel.”

Clea, who started her career in 2016, performs in two sex scenes in Sex Games.

“It was during the party—the masquerade—with one girl and two guys,” she says. “But during the scene I didn’t touch the girl. It was just with one guy and then we switch. It was just vaginal. The scene was very good because every actor I knew very good because I used to work with them. I was very confident. I love the sex with them. Everything was very professional and exciting.”

She says the second scene was shot in a restroom at a nightclub with two guys.

“It was my favorite because I love guys—I prefer guys. It was very exciting because it remind me of my private life when I was younger fucking in clubs in the restroom. We have two actors—one Kristof Kale, who is very famous in Europe. I love to work with him because he’s very cute. He work very good. And the other one is French; he’s like new. So yeah, everything was very nice. I love this movie.”






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