British Tabloid Features Guinness Record Holder for Large Breasts


British Tabloid Features Guinness Record Holder for Large Breasts

In April, the British sensationalist tabloid Daily Star newspaper ended its decades-long practice of featuring semi-nude “Page 3 girls,” as reported. But the tabloid’s decision has certainly not marked the end of its fascination with large-breasted women.

The Star seemingly outdid itself in that department on Wednesday, publishing a profile of 60-year-old Norma Stitz, under the headline, “Woman with the world’s biggest boobs is selling topless clips online.” 

Fact-checking the tabloid reveals that it is in fact true that Stitz, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, possesses the world’s largest breasts, at least according to The Guinness Book of World Records, which for more than six decades has served as the recognized arbiter of “world records” in thousands of categories.

According to the Guinness entry for Stitz, who is listed as possessing the world’s largest natural breasts, she “has an under breast measurement of 109.22 cm (43 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8 cm (70 in).” This requires her to wear a size 52I brassiere, the largest size known to be manufactured.

But though the Star found it newsworthy that Stitz is “cashing in” on her assets by “flogging cleavage clips to her 57,000 Instagram followers,” in fact the mammarian record holder has done more than flaunt her cleavage, appearing in several adult films, including Big Tits Curvy Asses 4 in 2008, and Norma Squirtz Karl from 2006.

An earlier video, The Amazing Norma Stitz, won a 2003 AVN Award in the now discontinued “Adult Video Nudes” category.

“I’ve shown people big is beautiful and you can be sexy in your own way. It’s not mucky, I’m an entertainer,” Stitz said in a 2017 interview, discussing her work in porn, as quoted by HuffPost. “When I talk to you it’s because there are things in your mind that you want to do to me. But in reality you’d never meet me.”

According to the Star profile, however, Stitz says that her greatest asset is her “mind for business.”

“My business has put my kids through college, bought cars and nice homes,” the tabloid quotes her as saying. “I travel the world and I am my own boss.”

Photo by Norma Stitz Official Instagram 

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