Fresh Faces: Raya Moon


Fresh Faces: Raya Moon

Raya Moon is featured in the July issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition. Photo above by Keith Ryan.

Raya Moon started camming as soon as she turned 18. “I did Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Streamate—I did all those. I got used to it and I was pretty good at it. People were telling me I would be a good porn star, that it was similar.”

She was doing solo and girl/girl cam shows, and then added some boy/girl “but that was very brief. I noticed the customers wanted a more personal interaction with the woman. If they just wanted to see a girl and a guy have sex, they would have gone to PornHub, pulled it up and watched. I would see customers who would come in, tip me a lot, and go private wouldn’t do it as much when I had a guy with me. As soon as they heard his voice in the background — not even seen him — my follower count would drop. I started keeping it solo and girl/girl only. It was a business decision.”

She was living in her car in L.A. until she found an apartment. “I was camming on my phone, I was doing a couple of different streaming apps. Several supplemental incomes to make it to where I could finally get a place. Now I’ll be camming more.”

When AVN spoke with Moon, she was preparing to shoot for Reality Kings in L.A. “They’ve shot with people that I’m really big fans of, people I’ve been watching in porn for as long as I cam remember. It’s really cool that that’s gonna be me.” She likes the supportive atmosphere on set: “Every male talent I’ve worked with, every female talent I’ve worked with, even the directors and makeup artists, everybody’s sex-positive. You don’t have to worry about saying dirty words. I can genuinely be myself, as crude and vulgar as that may be. Everyone is super supportive. We’re one huge family.”

She acted in high school. “I starred in ‘The Miracle Worker’ as Annie Sullivan. It killed me. There were 270-something lines. We had to bullshit the costumes. I wasn’t even supposed to be cast in the play but the person they  wanted in the lead said ‘I don’t want that many lines.’ I pulled it off. I’d love to do more acting. I did a BDSM scene where I was pretending to be held hostage. I got some awesome feedback on that. I asked ‘Do they think I got kidnapped?'” Her dream scene would be “romantic. A big bathtub, with bubbles and deep-colored roses, candlelit like a candlelit dinner.”

In her spare time, she likes to cook. “I’m getting into baking. And I own 5 percent of a dispensary so I’m making their edibles.”

She’s also into working out: ”Three times a week. I started three months ago. Random healthy kick. Eating super healthy, cut out all fast food and soda. I haven’t lost weight, yet, but it’s done wonders for my skin.” And she has an interest in studying social media and its psychology: ‘It’s what porn stars do every day, I just went to school for it for a little bit. What makes people want to click on your profile and stay.”)

Her words to live by: “Life is too short to waste time matching socks.”

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: rayaxmoon.

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