Behind the Scenes of Kay Brandt’s ‘Motorbunny Club’


Behind the Scenes of Kay Brandt's 'Motorbunny Club'

Charlotte Stokely and Sofi Ryan with the titular sex toy n The Motorbunny Club (Adam & Eve Pictures)

Adam & Eve Pictures is currently releasing episodes of Kay Brandt’s The Motorbunny Club exclusively on HotMovies, with the DVD coming out later this fall. For details on which scenes debut when, click here.

The south-of-the-Boulevard McMansion has a gigantic front door that Chewbacca could walk through without banging his head, leading to a living room with imposing 20-foot floor-to ceiling windows and a curling staircase that brings one up to a sitting room and promenade overlooking it all. Behind a desk in the sitting room, Kay Brandt is prepping the climactic orgy for The Motorbunny Club, her new release for Adam & Eve Pictures, laptop in front of her, heavily marked paper script on the desk.

The Motorbunny Club is the sixth Selena Kitt book Brandt has adapted for the screen and “my ninth movie based on a book. I don’t think anybody’s done nine movies based on books, even in mainstream.” The riding vibrating Motorbunny and its thrusting sibling the Motorbunny Buck are prominently featured. “I saw them at AEE, at their booth, and I thought these are beautiful machines. I love that the controllers go up to 11.” The story is “about a suburban wife, a kept wife, who has a fascination with vibrating sex toys, and has a large collection. The vibrators and dildos aren’t doing it for her any more, so she convinces her husband to get her a Motorbunny. He’s a businessman, and he tells her ‘That’s a big investment, why don’t you think of a way to monetize it? It’s going to wind up like the treadmill, a dust-covered coatrack.’ She gets the idea of the Motorbunny Club, and sells monthly memberships for her girlfriends to ride her machine. She tells them it’s like a day at the spa, it’s holistic.

“You work the core from the inside out,” Brandt adds with a laugh.


Aaliyah Love and the Motorbunny in Kay Brandt’s new movie for Adam & Eve Pictures.

Shooting the orgy has tactical problems, Aaliyah Love points out. “Usually, in an orgy, there’s one more girl than guy. This time, it’s the same number of girls and guys, plus sex machines. And when we’re on them, we can’t move. The guys are going to be, like ‘Here’s my dick! Here’s my dick!'” She illustrates by thrusting her hips at an imaginary girl. David Lord walks by, mock-snarling “I don’t want your dick” as Love repeats “Here’s my dick!” thrusting at Lord, who retreats in feigned fear.

The Motorbunny and Motorbunny Buck have been placed on a sturdy coffee table, their pink, black and beige silicone attachments on a nearby offscreen occasional table. A leather couch is covered up with blue and lilac dropcloths, plus a glittery throw and throw pillows. A decorative hutch filled with bric-a-brac has to be emptied. “Tale a picture of it so we can put everything back where it was,” Lord tells a PA. The giant windows have been draped with black production tarps. Isiah Maxwell and Brandt experimentally control the machines, revving them up and down with cell phone apps.

“Try it, girl,” Brandt invites Love.

“Too many people around, I’m too shy,” Love demurs. She straddles one anyway, gets approached from behind by Jay Smooth. “Nothing in my butt,” she says warningly. “And don’t turn it all the way up. We were orgasming on 3. Turn it all the way up and I’ll stick a finger in your butt.”


Aaliyah Love, Romi Rain and Britney Amber in The Motorbunny Club (Adam & Eve Pictures)

Britney Amber and Love climb on top of the Motorbunnys and the guys turn them on. Love breaks into a pleasured grin. On the staircase, Romi Rain has Tommy Pistol’s pants down and is sucking him, Maxwell is nosing into Love as she kisses Amber. Rain and Pistol have moved into standing doggie. “Oh, we’ve started already?” Brandt observes breezily. The stills guys start snapping away. Waste not, want not.

Amber and Love turn around, start sucking their guys. Pistol and Rain have moved to the couch. “We start partner swapping?” Rain asks. “Okay,” Brandt approves. Love sits on the couch, turns to Smooth with a chirpy “So fuck me, Jay.” Maxwell hooks up doggie with Rain, and Amber, straddling a Motorbunny, starts to suck Pistol. “Britney — Don’t lean too far, I need to see Romi,” Brandt directs. “Okay, softcore.” A beat. “I want to see some action on the remotes.” Pistol jumps on the table, grabs a remote as Love blows him. Amber is grimacing with pleasure, lets fly an “Oh. My. GAWD!” Love says “We’re gonna fuck back there on the stairs,” Smooth follows her. The Motorbunny Buck is alone, its silicone phallus thrusting at nothing.

As Rain, Amber, Maxwell and Smooth regroup on the Motorbunny table—the Buck won’t be alone much longer—Love, on the staircase, says “We’re fucking back here, you can photograph us.” Brandt says “You’re too small. We can’t see you.” “We tried to be creative,” Love pouts, then moves to the couch to reverse cowgirl with Pistol. Amber sits on Smooth, and Rain, straddling a Motorbunny, is sucking Maxwell.

After a momentary discussion, Brandt decides to wrap the stills with fake pops. Fake spoo is splattered on tits from a squeeze bottle. The girls pose with the guys, then pose together. “Play with it, lick it off your fingers,” Brandt directs.

“I love soap,” Pistol croons, safely out of camera range, licking his fingers.

Break. The girls wipe off, head back into makeup, and the guys start to get dressed. Next up—video.

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